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About Us

Tansect creates competitive advantages that allow our clients to surpass their competitors!

Tansect was founded in 2021
Tansect started when our first customer, a leader in the commercial washer/dryer and air machine industry, asked us to help support its 1,000+ truck multi-stop fleet. Over time our scope expanded, and Tansect has delivered multiple solutions for this customer that have enhanced their distribution, significantly reduced their costs, helped optimize their fleet and delivery network, and improved the management of their parts inventories. Most importantly it became the foundation for Tansect’s business model. For our clients, Tansect serves as an extension of their teams and offers services or expertise they currently do not have, or we expand their bandwidth during peak or critical periods.

Tansect is a Florida C-Corp
Tansect is a privately held Florida C - Corporation

Registered Agent (not a Tansect location): Registered Agents, Inc. 7901 4th St N, Suite 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 USA

Mailing Address (All Mail): Tansect, Inc. 3825 E. Calumet Street, Suite 400-112, Appleton, WI 54915 USA

Michael Heisman, Founder & CEO
Michael Heisman, Founder & CEO LinkedIn Profile

Michael brings two supply chain degrees (Georgia Southern Universty / Cranfield University) and decades of related experience to Tansect's clients. Not only was a significant portion of his career dedicated to creating solutions, but he brings real world experience in warehousing, trucking, fleet migration, engineering/optimization, brokerage, aviation/airlines, implementations, project management, decommisions, software and sales. Though he is from Georgia, he currently resides in Appleton, Wisconsin with his family.

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SCORE names Tansect Tech Business of the Year
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SCORE names Tansect Tech Business of the Year
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